Top 10 Post Pregnancy Workouts

Getting back to the original shape of your body post pregnancy is not as difficult as you might think it to be.

Majority of the women all across the globe tend to lose hope in getting back to their original size and this is where they go wrong.

Few simple everyday post pregnancy workouts can actually help you get back into your original shape and size.

A few healthy diet changes and a regular workout routine is the ideal way to shed those excess pounds post pregnancy and also tighten your skin within a short period of time.

Here we will be discussing about the top 10 post pregnancy workouts that can be of the best help to you in looking just as you were before pregnancy.

So read further and explore the world of possible benefits of shedding that baby fat post pregnancy.

Top 10 Pregnancy Exercises:

1. Walking

Most often people under estimate the power and health benefits of walking. When it comes to post baby workouts walking may also be considered as the least effective one. But this is not even close to being true.

Walking is the best possible way to start a healthy workout routine especially after child birth.

Initially it may not even seem like a workout routine but with regular practice you will notice the bodily changes in you the more regular you are at walking.


  1. Start with an easy and slow stroll around your apartment or at a nearby park.
  2. Do this 3-4 times in a week for at least 20-30 mins every day.
  3. After two week or more gradually switch to brisk walk and speed up the walking as long as you feel comfortable.
  4. Make sure that you feel your body sweating and your legs feeling that burn.
  5. This can be continued for 2-3 months as an initial postpartum exercise plan.

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2. Deep Core Breathing Exercise

This is yet another easy and effective at home pregnancy exercises that helps in rebuilding your core strength and also tightens your stomach.

This deep core breathing exercise helps in improving your stamina, stability and the shape of your core muscles.

With each rep over the weeks you wills start to notice the signs of your core muscles reshaping and strengthening.


  1. For best back support spread a yoga mat.
  2. Now lie down on your back with feet on the floor.
  3. Now focus on your deep breathing and feel the pelvic floor, ribs and your stomach open up as you breathe in.
  4. Hold this for 2-3 seconds.
  5. Now exhale slowly lifting your pelvic floor, with your stomach being pulled inwards and hold this position for another 3-4 seconds.
  6. Do this breathe in and breathe session for up to 5-8 reps with 2 sets initially.
  7. This exercise after pregnancy can be followed for at least 3-4 weeks as it helps in strengthening your core muscles for a better and more strenuous workout in the later stages.

3. Bridge Lift Exercise

This is another effective post pregnancy workout that targets the stomach and the butt area. This may look easy but is effective in toning up your abs and butt especially after child birth.

This bridge lift exercise (1) can be continued even after you switch to the cardio workouts.


  1. Spread the yoga mat and lie down with knees bent, feet on the floor and your arms by your side.
  2. Now slowly lift your hip off the ground so that your body forms a straight line.
  3. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Next in the same position lift your left leg up and now hold this position for another 10-20 seconds.
  5. This will be your one rep.
  6. Now come back to the starting position and switch side with your right leg.
  7. Continue doing this for about 7-8 reps of 2 sets for both the legs.
  8. This is one of the best post pregnancy exercises as it helps in reshaping your legs, butt and stomach region.
  9. This simple but effective exercise can be followed even after you switch to your cardio workout sessions.

4. Kegel Exercise

This particular exercise is one of the most recommended and the most effective ways of toning up the pelvic floor muscles and with a modified version of it you can even work your legs.

Kegel exercise is also termed as one of the most essential part of the post pregnancy workout plan.

This exercise with regular practice is guaranteed to offer you with the best results as expected.


  1. The only thing that you need for this workout is a bench.
  2. Sit on the bench with feet placed shoulder width apart and place both the hands on your hip.
  3. Now contract your pelvic muscles and holding that position stand on your feet.
  4. Hold the kegel position and return to the bench and release your pelvic muscles.
  5. This will be your one rep.
  6. Do this for 10-15 reps of at least 3-4 sets.
  7. A modified and a more difficult version of the same workout is even better.
  8. For that you need to stand against the bench with your back facing the bench.
  9. Now clasp your hands infront of your chest for better support.
  10. Lift your left leg off the ground with your knee bent slightly and kegel in this position.
  11. Holding the same position sit down on the bench for a second or two and come back to the starting position and release the kegel.
  12. This will be your one rep.
  13. Continue doing this for about 10-15 reps of 2-3 sets with each leg.
  14. This workout is also counted amongst the top 10 post pregnancy workouts.
  15. This modified version of the kegel exercise works on your pelvic floor muscles as well as strengthens your legs and core muscles.

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5. Forearm Plank Exercise

One of the second most important goals of every woman after nursing their newly born is to get their core strength back and get back into their original shape.

This is quite a possible task only when done right and for this we have mentioned some of the most helpful workouts that help you do the same.

This one workout is the most suggested one as it helps in shaping multiple areas of your body and thus is also termed as one of the best post pregnancy workout.

Regular practice of this forearm plank exercise (2) can also be considered as a part of your cardio workout plan as the results are similar to the cardio workout sessions.

Planks and side planks are the best way to tone your abs and reduce your waist size too.


  1. Spread the yoga mat for better support.
  2. Now come on all your fours on the yoga mat.
  3. Lower your forearms so that they are shoulder width apart placed on the yoga mat.
  4. Now stretch your leg so that your complete body is well supported by your forearms and toes.
  5. Now slowly lift your torso and make sure that you feel the burn and weight on your forearms, toes and your abs.
  6. This is your plank position hold this position for 5-10 seconds.
  7. Come back to the starting position.
  8. This will be your one rep.
  9. Continue doing this for at least 3-4 times initially every day.
  10. This workout can also be termed as the best whole body pregnancy workouts as it helps in toning up all the major post pregnancy problem areas of your body.

6. Hamstring Curl Exercise With Swiss Ball

Looking for the best and at home exercise after pregnancy?

Well then this is the one for you as all you need is this one equipment which is the swiss ball to strengthen and tone up your hamstrings, butt, abs and lower back.

This workout is also included in most of the top 10 post pregnancy workouts recommended by some popular fitness trainers all over the world.

This is a great way to start up with a cardio workout session after 2-3 months post pregnancy.


  1. Spread the yoga mat and keep the swiss ball around you.
  2. Lie down on the yoga mat with your back on the mat and heels placed over the swiss ball.
  3. Make sure your arms are to your sides flat on the yoga mat.
  4. Slowly raise your hips so that they form a straight line with your shoulders and knees.
  5. Start to roll the swiss ball using your heels closer to your butt and make sure that your knees are secured facing towards the ceiling.
  6. Now roll the ball back to the starting position pushing it outwards with your heels.
  7. This will be your one rep.
  8. Continue doing this 8-10 reps of 2-3 sets.
  9. Make sure to keep breathing throughout this workout session.
  10. This one of the best post pregnancy workouts as it targets the glutes, strengthens the lower back and also tones up the abs and hamstrings.

7. Wide Stance Deadlifts Exercise

The entire workout plan mentioned in this article starts with beginner level pregnancy exercises to now progressing towards the cardio workouts that involves the use of light weights.

Working out using weights is also known as strength training as it helps in building strength, breaks down the post baby fat and also tightens your core muscles.

This specific workout targets the legs, glutes and the lower back. So basically just this workout can be termed as the primary post pregnancy workout to tone up your body.


  1. For this workout you will need a 5 pound dumbbell to get the best body toning results.
  2. Now stand with your feet at hip width apart distance and your knees bent.
  3. Hold the 5 pound dumbbell in both the hands and hold it closer to your chest.
  4. Slowly bend downwards with your butt pushed outwards and bring down the dumbbells to the level of your shin.
  5. Tighten your glutes in this position and hold this position for 4-5 seconds.
  6. Return back to the starting position.
  7. This will be your one rep.
  8. Continue doing this for at least 8-10 reps of 2-3 sets.
  9. This is one of the best post baby workouts as it tightens your glutes, strengthens your lower back and also tones up your legs and shoulder.

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8. Walking Lunges Exercise

Toning up post pregnancy is something that gives most of the new mothers nightmares.

But not anymore, as we have listed out some amazing and very helpful exercises that can be considered as the ideal post pregnancy workout plan to tone up at home.

Following just this workout plan alone will help you get back to your original body shape even after child birth.

This particular post pregnancy workout can be ideally called as an excellent leg work out as it mainly targets the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and the calves.

Regular practice of this Walking Lunges Exercise (3) tones your lower body without the use of any equipment’s or weights.


  1. Stand straight looking ahead.
  2. Now take your left leg forward with a good distance in between in your left leg and the right leg.
  3. Now bend both your knees at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Make sure to keep your left knee over your ankle while lowering yourself downwards to the floor.
  5. In this position make sure that your right heel is slightly lifted and off the ground.
  6. Hold this position for about 4-5 seconds.
  7. Now take your left leg back into the starting position with your feet placed together.
  8. This will be your one rep with one leg.
  9. Switch sides and do the same with your right leg.
  10. Repeat this with both the legs for at least 8-10 reps with each leg and for 2 sets.
  11. This is one of the best pregnancy exercises to follow post child birth to tone your lower body.

9. The Stroller Walk Exercise

The name of this exercise may sound easy and simple just as a normal walk routine.

But what you don’t know is that this workout can easily termed as the starting level of a cardio workout session post pregnancy.

This postpartum exercise plan can help you tone up your entire body without the use of any equipment and with your new born in tow.

This workout can also be considered as a modified and a much difficult version of the walking lunge exercise mentioned above.

It targets the glutes, lower back, chest, shoulders and legs. Regular practice of this workout tones up and strengthens the lower body within a short period of time.


  1. Head over to the nearest park with your baby comfortably seated in the stroller.
  2. Now find a place where you can comfortably do this workout.
  3. Stand against the stroller and hold the stroller with shoulder width apart distance.
  4. Now take your left foot forward and take a long step bending your knees like you would do your regular lunges at home.
  5. In this position push the stroller a little forward like you are walk lunging with the stroller.
  6. Rise up and take your right foot forward now pushing the stroller.
  7. This will be your one walking lunge with the stroller.
  8. Do this for at least 9-10 reps of 2-3 sets.
  9. This is probably the best post pregnancy workout as it helps you carry your baby along with you as you enjoy a good cardio workout session without any gym equipment.

10. Stroller Back Kicks Exercise

Looking for toning post pregnancy workouts to do with your baby around?

Then this is the one for you as you don’t need to leave your baby at home and head to the gym because all you need is your baby stroller for this workout.

Regular practice of this workout tones up your legs and glutes.


  1. The only equipment you need for this workout is your baby stroller.
  2. Stand against the baby stroller holding the handle of the stroller.
  3. Now lean forward and raise your left leg behind you as if you are back kicking.
  4. Hold that position for 4-5 seconds and bring it back to the standing position.
  5. Now switch sides and do the same with your right leg and come back to the starting position.
  6. This will be your one rep.
  7. Continue doing this with at least 8-10 reps of about 2-3 sets.
  8. This is yet another post pregnancy workouts that help in toning up your legs and glutes which is most difficult to tone post pregnancy.

So these were our Top 10 Post Pregnancy Workouts suggested by some of the world renowned fitness trainers. These workouts are a great way to gradually tone your post pregnancy body within the comforts your own home.

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Few Important Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Post Baby Workouts:

  • The first and the most important health benefit of working out post pregnancy is that it helps in improving your mood especially after spending those sleepless nights nursing your new born.
  • Following the best post pregnancy workout plan like the one mentioned in this article helps in promoting healthy weight loss without any physical or mental discomfort.
  • Regular practice of the workouts mentioned in this article helps in toning, strengthening and restoring the original shape of your body.
  • With these workouts one can even feel a major difference with their core strength as it is the most required to carry the new born around.
  • With the constant hormonal changes the new mothers also experience high stress levels and with workouts like these new moms will definitely experience reduced stress levels within a limited period of time.
  • Exercises after pregnancy also help in improving your cardiovascular and blood pressure health.
  • Workouts and physical fitness routines is the best way to prevent and overcome from the most common postpartum depression.

A Few Do’s & Don’ts for the Post Pregnancy Workouts:

  • Never cut down on your calories or your food intake just because you are working out as nursing mothers need to consume additional calories for proper nutrition of the new born.
  • Drink as much water as you can and make sure to keep yourself well hydrated while working out too.
  • It is best suggested to start your workout after nursing your new born.
  • While doing floor exercises always make sure to use a good quality yoga mat that will provide a good support for your back. This helps in reducing the discomfort especially for your lower back.
  • Always make sure to start your post pregnancy exercises only after 5-6 weeks of delivery in case of a normal delivery.
  • If you had a C section it is best to take expert guidance from your gynecologist.
  • Always make sure to wear good quality workout clothes for better support and comfort.

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Now that you are well versed with all the best post baby workouts we urge you to try them for yourself and restore your shape, size, strength and confidence post pregnancy.

If at all you experience any kind of discomfort or bleeding during or after workouts we suggest you to stop immediately and consult your health specialist for the same.

Following a slow and steady workout regime post pregnancy is the ultimate and healthiest way of losing all that baby fat after pregnancy. Dieting or cutting down on calories is a complete no after pregnancy.

All of the workouts for post pregnancy mentioned in this article are completely safe and cause no side effects what so ever.

Do drop in a line and let us know about which of the pregnancy exercises recommended by us in this article was of best help to you as we would love to hear your opinion about the same.