The 7-Days GM Diet Plan

Almost everyone is aware that obesity is a serious bodily condition that can increase vulnerability to many ailments, some of which can even be life-threatening.

Thus, it becomes imperative that obese persons initiate drastic measures to reduce their weight to the level ideal for their given body constitution.

What is the right method to shed those extra pounds, in a short span and without any risk? This is the question for which people struggle to find the right answer. But relax! There indeed is a way that very appropriately combats the issue, the 7-Day GM diet plan!

GM Diet Plan- Background

The GM diet plan is a program of weight loss designed by the globally-renowned General Motors Corp, for keeping their personnel healthy.

The program, which is a diet plan for a period of 7 days, gained immense popularity worldwide, as it was a big success among the employees of GM.

A special mention has to be made that, in 1985, the John Hopkins Research Center scrupulously examined the 7-day diet plan.

It is only after that that the program was approved as being an effective and safe one. Since then, countless people have greatly benefited from the unique diet program.

What exactly is the 7-Day GM Diet Plan? 

The principle that the calories burnt by foods are higher than that (calories) they supply to the body propels the 7-day Diet Plan.

This in turn triggers the processes within the body contributing the decline in body weight.

The program of 1 week restricts the dietary intake to vegetables, fruits, meat and brown rice.

It is a perfect blend of vegetables of low calorie count, complex carbohydrates and fruits. The plan encompasses the vital element of increased water consumption, which in fact is pivotal to any weight loss program.

Assuming that you meticulously stick to the 7-day schedule, you will be able to lose 10-15 pounds, by end of the diet plan.

What Exactly the GM Diet Plan Does?

Here, it would just be appropriate to throw light on as to what precisely this diet plan does. The following points will convey that to you with full clarity.

  • The GM diet imposes no restraint on the quantity of food that you can consume. The plan is concerned only with restricting the exact foods that you can consume.
  • The most significant aspect of the dietary regimen is that, it very quickly makes your body to get accustomed to a “veggies and fruits only” diet.
  • By the completion of the 7 days, your body will be completely detoxified, not to mention the marked decline in body weight.
  • The above detoxification becomes possible due to the fact that, for each of the 7 days, you have 5-6 small meals and not 2-3 big meals. Here, the rise in water consumption has a role to play, too.
  • The dietary schedule is planned in such a way that, by the end of the 1 week, your body would have got an abundant supply all the vital nutrients.

Get Ready for the GM Diet! 

So, you are now ready to begin the GM diet plan of 1 week and have also set the date on which it will start.

Just 1 day prior to the start of the program, eat foods rich in starch such as oats, potatoes and bananas. This is to be sure that you can commence the 7-day schedule with full energy.

Equally relevant is the point that, on this day itself you start drinking plenty of water to enable your body to get used to that. Water is going to be a pivotal element of your next 1 week!

The 7-Day GM Diet Plan

You now have come to the most important section of the article. It is here that you will be provided details of the diet to be followed for each and every day of the 1 week period.

You have taken the first crucial step in the direction of beating obesity. Just go ahead and watch the fat melt away in a very short span!

Day 1- GM Diet Plan

On starting day of the 7-day dietary program, you consume just fruits and water and, nothing else. As a matter of fact, you are free to have any fruits of your preference, barring banana.

Along with intake of fruits, on this day, you have to make sure that you drink at least 10 glasses of water. Ensure that your dietary schedule of the day1 is something similar to what is mentioned below. These are some key points for the GM 1st day schedule:

  1. The breakfast is the most significant element of the day. Here, you have to consume fruits, along with water, in such a way that you should feel that the hunger has been satisfied. Also, you should not feel craving for foods like pasta and pizza, etc, after your breakfast.

You can take fruits like apple, papaya and melon, among others, as your breakfast.

  1. Apple or watermelon is the ideal food for your lunch of today, as they very quickly increase your satiety. This in turn in keeps you away from fatty foods.
  2. The dinner of the starting day can comprise of guava, melons and oranges. In fact, you must consume just ½ bowl of slices of any of these fruits.
  3. Apart from that, you can have 3 light snacks for the day, too, which obviously should be nothing more than fruits and water.

Your dietary pattern of the 7-Day GM diet plan can be something similar to what is mentioned below.

Things you need to do:

  1. At round 8 am, have your breakfast comprising of an apple of the usual size. Soon after that, consume 1 glass of water.
  2. Then you can have another snack at about 11 am and here, you can consume something like 1 bowl of sliced cucumber. Do not forget to drink a glass of water, immediately thereafter.
  3. Your lunchtime will be at approximately 1 pm where, the food item will be watermelon. Just take 1 watermelon and cut it into slices and consume them. Follow it up with 2 glasses water.
  4. Get ready for a snack at roughly 4 pm. You will now be taking an orange and the glass of water.
  5. Have 1 apple and water (1 glass) at 7 pm and this will be the snack of evening.
  6. Lastly, it is dinner time at 8 pm. The items here include slices of cantaloupe and guava, not to mention 2 glasses water.

As you must have observed, you will be consuming only those fruits that have high fiber content as well as negligible amount of fat. Also, the intake of water detoxifies the body and equips it to handle the ensuing 6 days.

On the initial day, completely stay away from things such as protein foods, carbohydrates, packed fruit juices, smoothies and vegetables, etc.

The day 1 of the GM diet plan will relatively be an easy one, as you have been only on fruits just for one day. Things have not yet become monotonous for you, in terms of depending solely on veggies and fruits.

Assuming that you have strictly adhered to the diet plan, you will be confident of taking on the subsequent day.

GM Diet- Day 2

The 2nd day of the GM Diet Plan is the one on which the diet is constituted only of vegetables and water. Here, you can include many healthy vegetables like beans, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, to cite a few.

  • On the day 2, treat fruits, protein foods, dairy products, carbohydrate foods and fruit juices, etc, as prohibited substances!
  • Except for virgin olive oil and 100% natural butter, you cannot add any other type of oil in the veggies.
  • You have the permission for intake of cabbage soup, as and when you feel that the hunger is unbearable.
  • It is not mandatory that you have to take raw vegetables and in fact you can also cook them, provided you do not add any oil at all.
  • Potato, sweet potato, lettuce, cabbage, onion, cucumber, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower, etc, are few of the vegetables that can be a part of the day 2. Read on for more details.

Things you need to do:

  1. Just like the Day 1, even today the time of your breakfast will be at 8 am. Consume a boiled potato to which you can add 1 tsp of butter, if you feel that it cannot be managed otherwise. But, it is extremely important that the butter is of the low-fat variety.
  2. For the snack of 11 am, eat cabbage along with lettuce salad that has a low-calorie dressing. Then, consume 1 glass of water.
  3. The lunch of the second day of the 7-day diet program consists of mixed vegetable salad. Here, you can consider any of the vegetables like onions, cucumbers and carrots, among others. Conclude your lunch with 2 glasses of water.
  4. Your 4 pm snack of this day will have 1 cup of boiled cauliflower, ½ cup zucchini and obviously water (2 glasses) as well.
  5. You are progressing well and are nearing end of the 2nd day of the GM Plan! Eat a boiled cauliflower having dressing of fewer calories and, drink the water (1 glass).
  6. It is the final step of the GM program day 2, dinner at 8 pm. That is made up of salad of broccoli, carrots (boiled) and green beans. And, call it a day with 2 glasses water.

The significance of the 2nd day is attributable to the fact that, your body gets plenty of nutrients through the vegetables. And, it is these very nutrients that you were deprived of, on day 1. This rich supply of nutrients will strengthen you to take on the day 3.

In spite of that, it is possible that you might feel exhausted and disoriented by the afternoon of this day. This need not be a cause of worry, as you are sticking to a diet with very low level of calories. Just be determined and gear yourself to move into the day 3!

GM Diet- Day 3

The day 3 of the GM diet program can be considered to be a combination of the first 2 days of the regimen. This is in the sense that, on day 3, you shall be consuming both fruits and also vegetables.

The only small change is that, for the day, you are going to keep away from potato; intake of all other vegetables is allowed. Likewise; you have to stay away from consuming bananas, too.

  • Owing to the exhaustion resulting from the initial 2 days, it is likely that you might be lacking the motivation today. But the fact is that, you will be finding this day easier, as your body is already getting accustomed to the “fruit & vegetable only diet.”
  • The minerals found in the fruits and the vitamin-rich vegetables will keep you going on this day 3 of the plan.
  • The day will introduce you to the health benefits that can be gained, when the diet is a blend of raw veggies and raw fruits.
  • Just like the past 2 days, drinking plenty of water is a vital aspect even for the 3rd
  • Today, you are free to consume black tea and black coffee as well.
  • Please understand that alcoholic beverages and packaged fruit juices have to be avoided.

Now, look in detail about the precise diet:

Things you need to do:

  1. As has been the case in the preceding 2 days, 8 am is the time to get ready for breakfast. You can eat 1 bowl of either apple or cantaloupe. Next, just have 2 glasses of water.
  2. For the pre-lunch 11 am snack, go for a pear and 1 cup of pineapple slices. You will be through with the snack the moment you take 2 glasses water.
  3. The lunch of today will contain 1 bowl of mixed vegetable salad where, you can include cucumber, onions, carrots and lettuce, etc, to name a few.
  4. Today, an orange and 1 glass of water will be your snack of 4 pm. Instead of an orange, you can have ½ grapefruit, too.
  5. Coming to the evening snack of the 3rd day, have just 1 pear/guava.
  6. You are about to finish the 3rd day of the GM plan successfully, with this dinner! The menu is 1 bowl of boiled broccoli, ½ cup raw papaya (boiled) and ½ boiled beet. Wind up the day 3 of the program consuming 2 glasses of water.

GM Diet- Day 4

Good going! You are already into the Day 4 of GM Diet Program! Obviously, you have lost some weight and are hence feeling lighter and fitter! Now, just note carefully as to how you need to go about on this day.

The 4th day can be called as the day of bananas, as this fruit is going to be the main food item of today. Additionally, you will be taking milk, as well.

  • The dietary pattern of the first 3 days has thoroughly cleansed your body and, you are now starting to feel comfortable with the GM plan.
  • Abundant quantity of fibers and sugars were supplied to the body in the preceding 3 days. This will enable you to take on the day 4 feeling energized. In fact, the bananas that you are going to have today will further enhance the energy level.
  • Apart from banana, you should not consume any other fruit, for the day.
  • Similarly, you are also necessitated to refrain from intake of oils, carbohydrates, protein foods and packed beverages.

Continue reading for full information on the diet.

Things you need to do:

  1. Eat 2 bananas and drink 1 glass of milk, for breakfast.
  2. At 11 am, take 1 banana and 1 glass of milk and make a banana shake with them. Just consume this food.
  3. Today’s lunch allows you to have a bowl of soup, but you have to ensure that it consists of nothing more than cabbage, carrots and onions.
  4. Have your snack after around 3 hours after lunch. The item to be consumed here is the same one you had for breakfast, banana shake.
  5. On this day, you need to go without the evening snack that you used to have in the last 3 days.
  6. You are going to end the day 4 of the GM regimen with 2 bananas and a glass of milk, at 8 pm, which is the dinner.

The 4th day of the GM plan will ensure that your body gets enough of potassium and sodium, to make you last for the remaining 3 days. You are going on very well and very soon, you are going to have the lean look that you always dream of.

GM Diet- Day 5

Since the start of the 7-day GM diet plan you have been adhering to a rigorous schedule, for the first 4 days. And, today is the day when you can relax a bit! To be clearer, the day 5 permits you to have some meat, albeit in moderation.

  • Your body was not getting proteins all these days and now, you are necessitated to replenish them. That is exactly what you will be doing today!
  • It is imperative that today you drink more water than what have you been during the last 4 days. This is to counteract the high levels of uric acid in the body, resulting from the rigorous diet of these few days.
  • Do not take protein foods, potato, sweet potato, carbohydrate-rich foods and packaged beverages.

So, read about the exact diet to be taken today.

Things you need to do:

  1. Have your breakfast at the regular time of 8 am. Here, consume 1 bowl of soup that is a blend of beef and vegetables. It is better that these vegetables also consist of tomatoes. Drink 3 glasses of water immediately after taking the soup.
  2. On day 5, you have to forego your pre-lunch snack, which you were having during the course of last 4 days. But consume minimum another 3 glasses of water before lunchtime.
  3. For lunch, you can enjoy a hamburger along with a cup of tomato slices. But you must ensure that the fat content of burger is low. Yes! You need to follow with another 3 glasses of water.
  4. There will be no post-lunch snack now. But, have at least 2 glasses of water by the time of next meal.
  5. Your next meal of the day will be directly dinner at 8 pm. This can include either a low-fat hamburger or the soup you had for breakfast. There is the option of taking just vegetable soup not having meat. Of course, the water (2 glasses) should not be ignored!

By end of the day, you will be in a better mood, when compared to the past 4 days.

The fact that you have already witnessed noticeable weight loss is one of the primary reasons that you are now in a better frame of mind. And, you are sure of shedding more weight in next 48 hours!

GM Diet- Day 6

You are almost through with the dietary program and have reached the penultimate day! Definitely, you are happy on seeing the weighing scale! Is it not so? You have to understand that the GM diet plan is concerned not just with losing weight, but also enhancing the body metabolism.

  • Even on this day, the aspect of providing proteins to the body occupies an important place.
  • On GM diet day 7, your diet schedule will be more relaxed than the previous 5 days. As a matter of fact, today you must start to prepare your body to return to the usual diet. The program will be over in just 2 more days!
  • Along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also have snacks consisting of fruits/veggies.
  • You can just boil the vegetables and not dry them, for consumption.
  • The salads that you will consume today must not be heavily dressed.

Just study the related dietary information.

Things you need to do:

  1. At 8 am, have 1 bowl of assorted vegetables, which you can either stew or sauté. Also, you can add a little of salt or pepper to the mix.
  2. The lunch of the 6th day will be the same as breakfast, with just a small difference. Now, you can add some beef to the bowl of mixed vegetables, too.
  3. Great! You are about to complete the GM diet day 6! It is dinner time! Tonight, you can consume hamburger or soup of mixed vegetables. And, if you feel that the hunger is very high, you can go ahead and take both the soup and burger.
  4. Make sure that you drink 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day.

GM Diet- Day 7 – The Final Day!

It is the final day! Provided, you religiously followed the plan of the last 6 days, you must have already lost substantial weight. Are you feeling full of energy? Well, the day 7 diet will further boost the energy levels.

  • On the last day of GM plan, the diet keeps varying. You saw days of “all fruits”, “all veggies”, “banana day”, etc. But, today will not be similar to that, as there will be intake of rice, veggies and fruits, among others. But, meat is the banned food of day 7.
  • Make it a point that on the final day, the intake of water is more than what it was for the previous 6 days.

If you religiously followed the schedule of preceding 6 days, you will now notice that:

  • Your pattern of sleep has got better.
  • Your digestive system will be working at its best.
  • A striking glow can be seen on your skin, today.

You will be going around attending to things, with more energy.

Things you need to do:

  1. The breakfast of the day has 1 bowl of brown/white rice. In place of the rice, you can also eat a papaya/watermelon slice. Just take the fruit and cut it into 2 equal parts and, have 1 of those. Drink 2 glasses of water to mark completion of the breakfast.
  2. The time for lunch, as has been for all days, will be at around 1 pm. And today, it will be a relatively sumptuous afternoon meal for you, when compared with the previous 6 days.

You have 1 bowl of brown/white rice accompanied by cooked veggies like broccoli, cabbage and asparagus. After that, consume ½ slice of either a watermelon or mango.

  1. On day 7, you can have your post-lunch snack at around 4 pm. Have ½ bowl containing slices of any fruit of your choice. As an alternative, even fresh fruit juice (not packaged ones) is permitted.
  2. Are you amazed with the dramatic change in yourself? The GM diet program is almost through, as you will now have dinner of Day 7. This will be the same as your breakfast and lunch of today. Have 1 bowl of rice (brown/white) and then take 2 glasses of water.
  3. Even for the final day, the intake of 12 glasses of water is a crucial element.

The 7-Day GM Diet Plan for Vegetarians

Can vegetarians follow the Gm Diet Plan? This is a question that is asked by many people and, the answer to that question is yes! There is indeed the diet plan for vegetarians and vegans!

For the first 4 days, there is no difference between the regular plan the one that is designed for the vegetarians/vegans. The diet for these days is anyway comprised only of fruits and vegetables.

But the pattern of last 3 days has been altered to enable people who do not consume meat to benefit from the GM program as well. Look in detail for more information.

 GM Vegetarian Diet Plan- Day 5

The vegetarians have to stick to the below diet for the 5th day of the GM plan.

Things you need to do:

  1. Have breakfast at around 8-30 am. Here you will consume 1 bowl having a mix of 2 tomatoes, few kidney beans (boiled), 1 tsp lemon juice and ½ tsp pepper.
  2. At about 11 am it is time for your pre-lunch snack. This is comprised of 1 cup of curd and 2 glasses water.
  3. Your lunchtime will be at 12 pm where, you are going to have 1 cup of cooked brown rice and 2 tomatoes. Drink 2 glasses of water, too.
  4. Get ready for the evening snack at 4.30 pm. This snack includes a salad of sprouts that also has 1 tsp lemon juice and ½ tsp each of pepper and salt.
  5. For dinner (8pm), take 1 cucumber and 2 tomatoes and slice them into small pieces. Mix them and have that as the salad. You can also take light vegetable soup and conclude your dinner of the day with the usual 2 glasses of water.

GM Vegetarian Diet Plan- Day 6

The following are details of day 6 of the GM vegetarian diet program.

  1. Today’s breakfast will be 1 cup of mixed vegetables that have been boiled and the usual amount of water (2 glasses).
  2. Have ½ bowl red kidney beans and slices of tomato as the mid morning snack. You can put ½ tsp of salt/pepper or both in the snack.
  3. The lunch of the day is made up of a cup of cooked brown rice and 1 bowl of vegetable soup, not to mention 2 glasses water.
  4. The evening snack will be a small one where, you need to manage with just an apple and 1 glass of water.
  5. Your pre-dinner snack includes 1 bowl of boiled lentils that have a little of lemon juice and salt. Drink 1 glass of water.
  6. Consume 1 bowl of a vegetable mix and 1 glass of water, as dinner.

GM Vegetarian Diet Plan- Day 7

Make a careful note of last day’s diet of the vegetarian version of the GM plan.

  1. Begin the day with 1 bowl of melon and 1 glass of water.
  2. The pre lunch snack will have 1 cup of a mix of fresh berries and carrot sticks. Soon after you complete the snack, drink 1 glass of water.
  3. Consume a bowl each of veggies that are slightly sautéed and cooked brown rice, for lunch. Have 2 glasses of water.
  4. An apple, a pear and 1 glass of water will constitute the snack at around 4 pm.
  5. For the evening snack, consume 1 guava and have water (1 glass).

At dinnertime, you are going to take a bowl of mixed vegetable soup and 2 glasses of water.

GM Vegetarian Diet Plan- Final Words

Other than the dietary plan of the final 3 days, you will not find any other variation between the regular GM diet and the one for veggies/vegetarians. All other key aspects such as water intake, moderate physical exercise and restricting calorie intake, etc, are applicable for this vegetarian diet plan as well.

GM Diet Recipes

In this section of the article, you will be looking at some recipes for the 7-day diet plan. These recipes will invariably break the monotony that is likely to creep in, as you go along with the dietary schedule.

Fruit Salad

The fruit salad can be considered to be a very key recipe for the first day of the GM plan, as this is the day when the diet is constituted only of fruits.

And, when you use fruits rich in fiber for the salad, you can rest assured of speedy detoxification of your body. Continue reading to get full information of the recipe.

Things you need:

  • Apple- 1
  • Orange- 1
  • Cantaloupes- 1 bowl
  • Watermelon- 1 bowl
  • Ripe papaya- 1bowl
  • Lemon juice- 1 tsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 1 apple and slice it into small pieces.
  2. Then take 1 orange and peel off its skin.
  3. Now take 1 bowl each of cantaloupes, watermelon and ripe papaya slices.
  4. Put all the above ingredients in 1 bowl and mix well.
  5. Add 1 tsp of lemon juice to this blend.
  6. Again mix thoroughly.
  7. Your delicious fruit salad is now ready.

Baked Potato and Butter

Here you have details of a recipe that is ideal to be the breakfast of the 2nd day.

The initial 4 days of the plan are totally without carbohydrates. Thus, it will be good to begin the day 2 with a food that energizes you to withstand the rigorous schedule. The baked potato and butter helps you, in this regard.

Things you need:

  • Potato (medium size) – 1
  • Butter- 1 tbsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 1 potato of medium size and wash it properly.
  2. Now take 1 clean towel and dry the potato with it.
  3. Take a fork and use it to slightly pierce the potato at few spots.
  4. Then take ½ tbsp of butter and spread it on the entire potato.
  5. Bake it in your oven at temperature of 425⁰F, for around 1 hour.
  6. Take out the potato and put ½ tbsp butter on it.

Mixed Vegetables (Steamed)

Even this one is a recipe that is suitable for the GM diet plan day 2. Confining oneself to just raw vegetables for whole day can be rather tough and, it is here that the steamed mixed vegetables will be of immense value. Want to know complete details? Just continue reading.

Things you need:

  • Cauliflower florets- ¼ cup
  • Carrot slices- ½ cup
  • Broccoli florets- ¼ cup
  • Bell pepper slices- ½ cup
  • Green bean pieces- ¼ cup
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Black pepper- 1 tsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take ¼ cup each of cauliflower florets, broccoli florets and bell pepper slices.
  2. Then take ¼ cup green bean pieces.
  3. Wash all the above ingredients well.
  4. Put all of them in the pressure cooker.
  5. Add some water in the cooker and close the lid.
  6. Cook the items until you hear 2 whistles.
  7. Now slowly allow the pressure to leave from the cooker.
  8. Take out the veggies.
  9. Put 1 tsp each of salt and black pepper on them.
  10. Consume the tasty and healthy steamed mixed vegetables .

Smoothie of Banana and Milk

The primary purpose of this particular recipe is to break the monotony of the GM diet 4th day. Consuming a blend of banana and milk is much better than having both of these separately. Also, this smoothie supplies a significant amount of vitamins and minerals to the body.

So, why not go ahead and give it a try?

Things you need:

  • Bananas- 2
  • Milk- 1 glass
  • Ice cubes- 6

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 2 bananas and peel them.
  2. Process the peeled bananas in the blender.
  3. Then put 1 glass of milk and 6 ice cubes in the processed bananas.
  4. Blend until the preparation becomes thick.
  5. Put this smoothie in a glass and consume it.

Roasted Tomatoes

Tomatoes constitute as being a key food for the day 5 of the schedule but, not many people can welcome the idea of having just raw tomatoes throughout the day. Then what is the option? Relax! The recipe about which you are now going to read will effectively answer that query.

Roasted tomatoes not just have the nutrients in them intact, but they also are appealing to your palate!

Things you need:

  • Ripe tomatoes- 3
  • Extra virgin olive oil- 1tsp
  • Ground pepper- ½ tsp
  • Salt- ½ tsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 3 ripe tomatoes and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Dry the tomatoes using a clean cloth.
  3. Heat your oven up to about 450 degrees.
  4. Put the tomatoes on the baking sheet.
  5. Add 1 tsp of virgin oil and ½ tsp each of ground pepper and salt to the tomatoes.
  6. Bake the tomatoes for roughly 45 minutes.
  7. Get the tomatoes out of the oven and allow them to cool down a bit.

Grilled Fish

This recipe is for the day 5 and day 6 of the diet plan where, you are permitted to have meat. In fact, the grilled fish will be of more relevance to people who do not want to consume poultry. Here, there is no restriction on the type of fish to be used.

Things you need:

  • Fish fillet- ½ bowl
  • Pepper flakes- ½ tsp
  • Olive oil- ½ tbsp
  • Salt- ½ tsp
  • Lemon juice- ½ tbsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Firstly set the high heat setting for the oven grill.
  2. Take ½ bowl of fish fillet.
  3. Now take ½ tbsp of lemon juice and rub it on the entire fillet.
  4. Put ½ tsp pepper flakes and ½ tsp salt on the fillet.
  5. Take ½ tbsp olive oil and smear it over the baking sheet.
  6. Keep the fillets on this sheet.
  7. Cook the fish for around 20 minutes till you notice flakes on it.
  8. You can now have the grilled fish.

Mixed vegetable Salad

You are now going to obtain details of the recipe that can be considered to be the most important one of the 7-day GM diet plan. This is because; except for the 1st and 4th days of the plan, you can have it on all other days.

Things you need:

  • Cabbage slices- ¼ cup
  • Carrot slices- ¼ cup
  • Bell pepper slices- ¼ cup
  • Chopped onion- 1 tbsp
  • Cucumber slices- ¼ cup
  • Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
  • Chopped cilantro- 1 tsp
  • Salt- ½ tsp
  • Black pepper- ½ tsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take ¼ cup each of slices of cabbage, carrot and bell pepper.
  2. Now take 1 tbsp of chopped onion and ¼ cup of cucumber slices.
  3. Rinse all these vegetable slices well and put them in 1 mixing bowl.
  4. Add ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp black pepper and 1 tsp chopped cilantro in this bowl.
  5. Mix properly.
  6. Just consume the vegetable salad.
  7. Please note that a vegetable salad having lemon juice and salt must be consumed soon after preparing it.

 Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk

You can use this recipe only on the day 5 and 6. As you know, these are the only 2 days of the diet program where, you are permitted to consume some meat. Read on for full details.

Things you need:

  • Chicken- 1 bowl
  • Chopped green chilies- 3
  • Coriander powder- 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder- 1 tsp
  • Ginger clove- 1
  • Garlic cloves- 6
  • Chopped coriander- 1 cup
  • Oil- 2 tbsp
  • Curry leaves- 10
  • Onions- 2
  • Coconut milk- ½ bowl
  • Tamarind paste- 3 tsp
  • Lemon juice- 3 tsp
  • Salt- 1 tsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 3 chopped green chilies, 1 tsp coriander powder and 1 tsp turmeric powder
  2. Now take 1 ginger clove and 6 garlic cloves.
  3. Process all the above ingredients in your blender.
  4. Put 1 tbsp water and 1 tsp salt in the mix.
  5. Grind the mix to form a paste.
  6. Take 2 tbsp oil in a pan and heat it.
  7. Add 10 curry leaves, 1 bowl of chicken and 2 onions in the pan.
  8. Cook them for around 10 minutes.
  9. Add ½ bowl coconut milk.
  10. Cook for about 20 minutes.
  11. The chicken should become soft.
  12. Put 3 tsp each of tamarind paste and lime juice.
  13. Now add 1 cup of chopped coriander to the dish.
  14. Cook it for just 5 more minutes.
  15. The yummy chicken and coconut milk curry is now ready to be served.

Instant Chicken

Just like the above recipe, even this one for the 5th and 6th day of the GM diet program. See as to how to prepare this chicken dish.

Things you need:

  • Boneless chicken- 1 bowl
  • Lemon juice- 2 tbsp
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Oil- 1 tbsp
  • Spring onions- 4
  • Ginger paste- 1 tsp
  • Pepper- 1 tsp

Things you need to do:

  1. Take 1 bowl of boneless chicken and wash it thoroughly.
  2. Cut the chicken into tiny pieces.
  3. Open the chicken a little using a fork.
  4. Add 1 tsp of salt and 2 tbsp lemon juice in the chicken.
  5. Now marinade this chicken for about 10 minutes.
  6. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan.
  7. Take 4 spring onions and chop them into small pieces.
  8. Put these chopped onions and 1 tsp ginger paste in the pan.
  9. Stir for 3 minutes.
  10. Then put chicken in the pan.
  11. Cook that until it becomes tender.
  12. Add 1 tsp of pepper to the dish.
  13. The delicious chicken is ready to be consumed.

Low Intensity Physical Exercises

When the 7-day GM diet plan is likely to make you feel weak, then how can physical exercise become part of the regimen? Is that your query?

The fact of the matter is that, exercises of low intensity actually help your cause. They make sure that your muscles remain active throughout the program and, the workouts enhance the level of serotonin in the body. And, more serotonin means that you will be handling things in an optimistic way.

  • First and foremost, start to perform breathing exercises from Day 1 itself, as they help you to stay relaxed. Begin the day with few minutes of deep breathing and do that at bedtime as well. You will be able to get blissful sleep.
  • Include some mild stretching exercises in your daily routine. They ensure that your muscles keep getting minimum exercise and that too without any risk of injury. Also, the stretches prevent you from becoming lethargic.
  • Take a 45-minute walk on each day of the GM diet plan, only at a slow pace. The purpose is only to safeguard you from exhaustion, and not to test your endurance.
  • For the entire 1 week, totally stay away from intense physical activities like running and weightlifting. These exercises can endanger your health, as the body is comparatively much weaker, in this phase.
  • On the day 7 of the program, you can start having more vigorous physical exercises, which need to continue at least for few months. This is to prevent you from again putting on weight and undoing the benefits of the GM 7-day diet plan.

Additional Points

The following are few very significant points related to the 7-day GM diet program.

  • Embark on this diet plan only if you are healthy and free from ailments.
  • Women are advised not to take up this dietary plan, while having periods.
  • Equally relevant is the aspect that, your professional schedule of these 7 days is not too demanding. You could be unable to manage that due to the tiredness resulting from the diet plan.
  • Make sure that, throughout the 1 week, you eat only fresh fruits and veggies and not the ones that have been in storage for few days.
  • Please bear in mind; while you are adhering to the diet program of GM, you are likely to sweat a lot. This need not be a reason for worry.
  • There inevitably will be phases during each day where, you will feel very hungry. You should be able to endure that until the time of your next meal.
  • It is very critical that for the entire 1 week you strictly abstain from all alcoholic beverages.
  • If you are in good health, there is no restriction on the number of times you can repeat the GM diet plan.

Here, there is only thing that you have to take care of. Once you are through with the 7-day diet, you invariably have to wait for minimum 10 days, before you can again begin it.

So, those are exhaustive details about the 7-day GM diet plan for you. The sooner you take up the program the better it would be for you.

The effectiveness of this dietary schedule is very much proven and, you can go ahead without any doubts. Do send across a few words on how this article has helped you.


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  3. I simply had great results with Eat Stop Eat. Because of its actual simplicity it is actually different from almost every other eating plan I’ve tested before.

  4. Van you suggest me vegetarian diet plan

    • Hi Camilla,
      you can follow the above 7 days gm diet plan.You have to change 5th and 6th day plan which is already provided in above diet plan

  5. As there is general motors 7 days diet plan does any other company diet plan available

    • There are many diet plan but Gm diet is prepared by General Motors for there employees its very effective and safe

  6. On gm diet day 1 it is suggested to take on fruits can you tell me which fruit is best to intake.

    • Hi Bethany,
      You can have banana,melons, kiwi and oranges

  7. Can I include a soup on 3 or 4 days

    • Hi Abby,
      Yes you can include soup on day 3 for one time that to before lunch

  8. Hi Shruti,
    I am 30 old and I am overweighted I want to lose my weight quickly this article I feel fit for me but I am vegetarian can you suggest me what can I replace with meat or beef

    • Hi Sonia,
      Gm diet plan is very effective and also help to lose weight without losing your health.You can replace meat and beef we already mentioned day vegetarian diet for last 3 days

  9. My weight is 253 pounds and I am suffering from Diabetics.One week ago I visited a doctor he suggested me to lose my weight at least 50 pounds but whenever I do diet I lose my stamina as it had written in the article that it is specially designed for General motors employees.
    I would like to know by following this diet can I maintain the same stamina

    • Hello Adan,
      Yes you are overweight you have to lose weight, this is the perfect diet plan for you requirement