21 Warning Signs you’ve Got Poor Blood Circulation

The importance of proper blood circulation within the body can never be overstated! It is only when circulation is good that the blood will be able to supply oxygen and key nutrients to the entire body. Improper blood flow will increase the risk of many serious ailments!

There is no need for you to go into panic mode, as this article will educate you about the 21 Warning Signs you’ve Got Poor Circulation.

You can notice these in the very initial stages and hence can take prompt corrective action to resolve the issue. Read on and help yourselves.

What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?

Before you start to read about the signs, it would be worthwhile to have a look at the causes of poor blood circulation. The following are some of the major causative factors:

  • Tobacco smoking
  • Sedentary lifestyle that is devoid of physical exercise
  • Excessive indulgence in junk food
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Blood clots
  • Persistent Shortness of breath
  • Arrhythmia (irregular heart beat)
  • High level of cholesterol

It has to be understood that apart from what has been mentioned above, there several bodily conditions/diseases that will negatively affect the blood circulation. Hypertension, anemia, emphysema, anxiety neurosis, pneumonia, bronchitis and food allergies, etc, are some of those.

21 Warning Signs you’ve Got Poor Blood Circulation

This is the most important part of the article, for it is here that you will get details of symptoms of poor circulation. Thus, please do make a very careful note of the contents to follow and you will be empowered to markedly reduce your risk.

1. Numbness of Legs:

This is one of the first signs that you notice. You feel numbness (in limbs) due to bad to bad circulation in legs.

In fact, this particular symptom is an indicator that your whole body might be having issues with blood flow.

2. Decline in the thinking ability:

As is the case with all organs of the body, even your brain requires proper supply of blood to function at its best.

Therefore; when the blood circulation gets impacted, there will be a decline in your thinking ability. You could experience some disturbance in the memory as well.

3. Drop in Appetite:

Many people mistakenly do not consider this as being among the poor circulation symptoms. But the truth is that this is indeed a chief sign of the condition.

When the gastrointestinal system does not get sufficient blood, it will be hindered to supply nutrients to the body. And, this in turn leads to drop in appetite.

4. Weakening of Nails and Hair Fall:

This can be considered to be one of the most striking signs of poor circulation. When the required quantity of nutrients is lacking, your hair can develop dryness and, it can begin to fall off. Likewise, the nails will become fragile to extent of breaking away even due to small impact.

5. Constipation:

Here you have one more obvious consequence related to bad circulation of blood. The digestive system, as a result of getting inadequate blood, slows down and this leads to constipation.

6. Reduced Immunity Power:

If the blood is not circulating in the right way, the body will be short of the key nutrients necessary to fight against infections. This seriously impacts the immunity power.

Also, the digestive tract cannot function well when there is bad circulation, depriving the body of amino acids critical to the immunity system.

Your body will not be having the strength to combat microorganisms, free radicals, etc. This greatly increases your vulnerability to many bodily conditions.

7. Cold Hands:

When the blood flow is at the right speed, the temperature of the body will be at the correct level.

But when the flow is not as required, there will be a drop in body temperature, which can cause chilly sensations on the hands.

This is not just an indication of poor circulation in hands, but a sign that the problem is there throughout your body.

8. Swelling of Feet:

Have your feet become swollen? Is the swelling not reducing even after many days? If yes, then it could be because of poor circulation in legs. As a matter of fact, this suggests that there is a problem (of circulation) for the total body.

9. Chronic fatigue:

Fatigue could be due to many reasons such as few medications, severe physical strain, etc. Yet; when you continuously experience fatigue for prolonged durations, poor blood circulation might be the cause.

When the organs are deprived of the needed quantity of blood, they will be impeded to function at their optimal level. This makes the person to feel fatigue for no other apparent cause.

10. Varicose veins:

Varicose veins seen at the legs are a direct result of poor leg circulation. When the flow of blood is not as required, there will be intense pressure on the veins found just below the skin. As a result, they become twisted and swollen and can be easily noticed.

11. Erectile dysfunction:

Obviously, this particular symptom of bad circulation is specific to men. Because of the insufficient flow of blood to the organ, the man will be hassled to attain and also maintain the erection. This gravely impacts the sex life.

Again, even this is a sign that denotes that the issue is not just confined to the reproductive organ, but to the entire body.     

12. Discoloration of skin:

When the quantity of oxygen that your skin gets is inadequate, it tends to become discolored. The skin slowly turns darker and you will notice that the skin surrounding the gums, eyes and lips is having a bluish shade. In fact, the discoloration is prominent event at the toes and fingers.

13. Pain/cramp when walking:

If you regularly experience pain/cramp in the muscles of the hips/limbs while walking, it could mean that you are having bad leg circulation. And, this is a sign that your overall body lacks good blood flow.

It is worthy of special mention, that this particular symptom can be related to peripheral artery disease (PAD), too.

14. Sores That Do Not Heal:

Another prominent symptom of bad circulation is developing sores that do not heal. Usually, these sores are sighted on the legs or feet.

15. Low Pulse of The Limbs:

The symptoms of poor circulation include presence of low pulse at the limbs. Sometimes, the pulse can even be totally absent. This sign of the condition warrants immediate action, as it could also be a warning sign of PAD.

16. Chest Pain:

This can easily be rated as the most alarming of all the 21 Warning Signs you’ve Got Poor Circulation. This is because; it could also be a symptom of heart attack. This pain is felt when the blood flow of heart’s arteries gets seriously affected.

17. Frequent dizziness:

Are you experiencing frequent episodes of dizziness? If yes, then you have to exercise utmost caution, as you could be having poor blood circulation. The dizziness manifests when the amount of blood supplied to the brain is low.

18. Inexplicable Weight Loss:

When there drastic decline in the body weight for no specific reason, it might be a symptom of the condition. This sign is normally seen when the diminished blood flow impacts the liver more than other organs of the body.

19. Tingling Sensation at The Extremities:

This is one more major sign of bad circulation that you must not ignore. You will experience tingling sensation at extremities suggesting poor circulation in hands as well as the legs.

20. High Blood Pressure:

It is rather interesting to know that high blood pressure can be both the cause and also the symptom of poor blood flow.

When your body develops any condition that disturbs normal blood circulation, then hypertension can be one of the signs of that condition.

Similarly, uncontrolled high blood pressure can pave the way for ailments that bring about bad circulation.

21. Persistent Skin Infections:

If you develop any skin infection that shows no signs of healing even after several days, it is likely that you are having poor blood circulation.

So, those are 21 Warning Signs you’ve Got Poor Circulation. When you develop any of these symptoms, make it a point to initiate immediate remedial measures.

Please do not be negligent even if the discomfort that you are right now experiencing is not that serious.

For, when the bad circulation affects vital organs like the heart and brain, you become extremely susceptible to conditions that endanger your very life. Your feedback on this article is welcome.

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