Eclipse and Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a crucial phase where, utmost care has to be taken to safeguard health of the woman and the to-be-born baby.

Here, apart from the required care, the woman is also bombarded with several other instructions, which are based on just misconceptions.

This creates unnecessary confusion and anxiety for the expectant mother!

Among all such erroneous notions, the ones speaking of the supposed link between pregnancy and eclipse top the list.

These illogical views should not be allowed to mar the beauty of journey to motherhood! Well, this article will help in that, by debunking the eclipse and pregnancy myths. Read on and shun the blind beliefs!

Eclipse and Pregnancy Beliefs- A Salient Point

It is indeed a perturbing scenario that many highly-educated persons entertain this superstitious thinking, too, towards both solar and lunar eclipses. Therefore, it becomes very much essential that the darkness of these myths is dispelled by the light of scientific facts.

The very purpose of the article is to share enlightening information with you- information empowering you to boldly ignore the incorrect beliefs!

Why the Myths Thrive Even in This era of Technology?

Along with the deep-rooted traditional mindset, coincidental happenings are what that are perpetuating these myths.

Look at a situation where a pregnant woman disobeys any of the stipulations (myths) and, some complications develop for her/her baby after delivery. People automatically relate this to the above noncompliance! They refuse to acknowledge that that happened purely due to medical reasons not linked to eclipse!

How the Myths Can Endanger Mother and Infant?

There actually are instances where conforming to eclipse and pregnancy myths has endangered the well-being of both mother and infant. To ensure that baby is not born on the day of eclipse; people attempt to delay/hasten the time of delivery against doctor’s advice. This obviously exposes the woman and the baby to serious risks!

Pregnancy and Eclipse- Myths and Facts

The number of false notions and superstitions surrounding the issue of pregnancy and eclipse is very high. It is not possible to cover all of them in a single article. Still, the most widespread myths have been focused upon here.

There is no necessity for you to get overwhelmed by the wrong beliefs on eclipse and pregnancy. The write-up will ensure that you get acquainted with what the facts actually say, as against the myths.

You can concentrate only on the normal pregnancy care and safely forget about the eclipse-related misconceptions.

Myth 1:

A pregnant woman has to be confined to indoors, during eclipse, lest the baby is born with some defects.


There is no empirical evidence backing the above view that the lady must not venture outside.

Of course, the scientifically proven fact that the solar eclipse should not be sighted with the naked eye is applicable to all people. Except for that, there is no other risk exclusive to pregnant women.

Myth 2:

All foods and beverages become poisonous, during eclipse and hence the mother-to-be should not consume anything (for the total duration of eclipse).


The previous myth can be followed, as it is only a matter of being indoors for few fours- it causes no harm.

But this is a superstition that is best avoided by pregnant women, for it can put both herself and the baby at risk! Yes! In this condition (pregnancy), a woman should not be away from food and water for prolonged duration.

Myth 3:

Wear any metallic object as well as a red-colored undergarment, to protect the infant from cleft palette.


Here you have one more misconception, which can be adhered to without risking the mother or baby. But nevertheless, it has to be highlighted that this is nothing more than a myth! By any stretch of imagination, there is no connection between metal/red undergarment and protection from cleft palette!

Myth 4:

If the woman uses knife/scissors at the time of eclipse, she will give birth to infants haveing deformities on face.


Minimum common sense is all that is required to dismiss this one as an irrational eclipse and pregnancy belief. You don’t even have to be a medical professional for that!

Myth 5:

This is another myth creating a scare about cleft palette. It says that if the pregnant woman witnesses a lunar eclipse, the baby inevitably will be born with that condition (cleft palette).


How sad it is that such meaningless views stop people from seeing the beautiful spectacle, which is what lunar eclipse is?

Cleft palette is a result of various genetic and chemical parameters that are completely unrelated to the two forms of eclipses (solar and lunar). Thus, set aside all apprehensions, look at the night sky and enjoy the marvel!

Myth 6:

When the eclipse is in progress, the expecting mom should not cut apples. Or else, she will deliver an infant having no fingers!


Just a quick look at that will suffice to convince anyone that it is one more baseless concept! Immediately reject this myth and allow the woman (expecting mother) to have some mental peace.

Myth 7:

Conception in eclipse will lead to birth of a baby who possesses superhuman abilities!


For a change, this is an eclipse and pregnancy myth that talks about something pleasant (or funny?), and not scary!

However, you should remember that this also is a superstition and a baby having superhuman powers can be seen only in comic books!

You are free to burst into laughter, if this one appears as a joke to you. And of course, it is almost impossible to plan the actual day of conception, too.

So those are the corresponding facts of eclipse and pregnancy myths. These facts help you to eliminate the misconceptions from your life for good. Simultaneously, please note that except for the one that restricts the lady from having food/beverages, there is no harm in sticking to the other myths!

Subject to your convenience, you can adhere to them, if that keeps your family free from worry.

Consider the points elaborated and take a decision that is most appropriate for you! Please drop in a few words as to how this write-up has benefited you.


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