Abortion Pill Side Effects  

Abortion pills are being used in USA for almost two decades. Though grave complications attributable to these pills are rarities, yet; they cannot be totally ruled out.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that you have thorough knowledge of these possible side reactions, so that timely measures can be initiated, if and when required

This precisely is the purpose of the article where, you will obtain full details on abortion pill side effects.  After that, your decision to opt for the pills will be an informed one. Read on!

What are Abortion Pills?

Before speaking about side effects, it will help to have a basic understanding of the pills.

Terminating pregnancy with medication, which is also known as medical abortion, necessitates taking 2 different types of pills.

These are: Mifepristone, which is given immediately and misoprostol that is to be taken after 24/48 hours, as advised by the doctor.

Mifepristone separates foetus and uterus, while misoprostol leads to uterine contractions where foetus gets completely removed. In fact, the physician decides whether it is oral intake of misoprostol or that it has to be used as vaginal pill.

Please understand that mifepristione and misoprostol have to be taken strictly under medical supervision only! And remember, the pills will be of help only when the pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks (1)

Common Side Effects of Abortion Pills

Of course, serious side reactions of abortion pills are very uncommon. But, there are some milder after effects that are more or less unavoidable and, about which there is no need to get panicky.

  • In almost all cases, bleeding begins after few hours of taking the second pill. This, actually, is a positive sign that abortion has been successful.
  • Following intake of pills, the woman is likely to develop cramps, which get totally alleviated only after around 15 days. No worries! Their severity will lessen after the initial 2 days.
  • Within couple of hours of taking misoprostol, nausea and vomiting are seen in substantial chunk of instances. These symptoms usually disappear after about 8 hours.
  • You might also develop not-that-severe diarrhoea, which normally gets cured in a day or two.
  • Low grade fever accompanied with chills is one more symptom resulting from administration of the 2 pills. The patient overcomes this within 24 hours.
  • You are likely to have some skin problems after abortion like dark spots, acne and pimples. This is because of hormonal imbalance and is only a temporary phenomenon; these blemishes generally vanish in a short span.

Bleeding- A Vital Point

In case there is no bleeding even after 24 hours of misoprostol intake, chances are that the pills have not worked for you. Then, seek immediate medical guidance. Here, it is crucial to note that the abortion pills are ineffective for ectopic pregnancy; they work only for normal uterine pregnancies.

Abortion Pills- Serious Side Reactions

No doubt, serious side reactions of using abortion pills are extremely rare. Still, in the few cases that they occur, emergency medical intervention is indispensable. Hence, it is essential that you are knowledgeable about them.

  • It is 4 weeks since the time pills were taken and the bleeding is still rather heavy. This is a circumstance where there should not be even a moment’s delay in visiting the doctor’s office.
  • Likewise, if you experience back pain that is so severe that you are unable to even stand, medical assistance is mandatory.
  • The same can be said, if there is fever in excess of 38°c.
  • When the dizziness after intake of pills is hindering you from sitting in normal posture, contact your medical facility at that very instant.
  • After the pills administration, if there is vaginal discharge having bad odour, you must not neglect that. In all likelihood, it is a sign that there is some serious problem.
  • The abortion pill side effects can also include infection, more so in instances where the pills are given vaginally. Your physician can take care of this, by prescribing antibiotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is obvious that you have some queries about the abortion pill and its side effects. This particular segment attempts to answer the most commonly asked questions on this issue.

  • What is risk level of serious complications, after taking the pills?

The risk of developing serious complications, after intake of these medicines, is almost negligible. Several studies clearly point out that these adverse side reactions are seen only in about 0.5 percent of cases. Thus, subject to your doctor’s clearance, you can go ahead with the pills to end pregnancy.

  • Do these medications impact the fertility?

No! Mifepristione and misoprostol in no way impact the fertility; they only terminate the existing pregnancy. Your ability to conceive at a future point of time will remain unaffected.

  • What is the effectiveness of these medicines?

If medical abortion is carried out within 10 weeks of pregnancy, the success rate is well over 95 percent.

  • Who cannot use these pills?

The pills are not suitable to be used by women suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart/kidney problems and liver conditions. Similarly, medical abortion is best avoided, if the woman has a history of allergic reactions to medications.

  • How to know that the pills have worked?

When the cramps and bleeding lessen, it can be taken as an indication that the abortion process has been completed. However, it is better to get tested at your physician’s office 2 weeks later, for cent percent confirmation.

  • Are abortion pills and emergency contraception pills different?

Mifepristione and misoprostol should not be confused with pills used to avoid pregnancy. The emergency contraceptive pill is to avoid pregnancy after having unprotected sex whereas; abortion pills are for terminating pregnancy (within 10 weeks).

  • What are the dietary guidelines for women undergoing medical abortion?

These dietary tips help you to make the abortion pill side effects less severe and thus make a careful note of them.

The bleeding reduces level of iron and vitamins in the body. Hence, make sure to consume foods that include these nutrients.

Equally essential is the point that you have foods that are rich in protein, so as to quickly regain strength.

Stay away from oily/processed foods and carbonated drinks and, it is vital that you take foods that can easily be digested.

Last but not the least, drink plenty of water in the day as a preventive measure against dehydration.


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