Top 11 Male Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Candida or yeast infection in human beings is a very common occurrence. It is a fungal infection that can either target the intestine or genitals.

Some of the common symptoms of this disease are discharge, pain and itching. There are many over the counter treatments available but people do prefer the home remedies too.

The main question here is how to cure a yeast infection at home fast. Though women are more disposed to this infection, about 75% experiencing this at least once in their life but men are also disposed to it.

Candida Albicans is the yeast that is the main cause of the infection in human beings. But, there are other types of yeasts that can also cause this infection.

There are lot of male yeast infection home remedy available which also include some of the best home remedies ever.

The article below talks about 11 home remedies that can help you fight yeast infection.

Home Remedies for Male Yeast Infection

1. Over The Counter Creams

Yeast infection can actually be treated at home. You can try the anti-fungal creams readily available at pharmacy near you.

This is the best yeast infection medicine for males and can be purchased without a prescription. You can also buy it online and even at regular grocery stores.

How to apply the cream actually depends on the type you buy for the treatment. Is it for internal or external use?

Does it treat the infection on 1 time application, 3 days or week application procedure?

The internal treatment creams are known to be better and effective than the others. They approximately cure 80% of the yeast infections as they contain azoles.

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2. Boric acid

The vaginal boric acid capsules really work well against how to treat yeast infection in men. They are also useful for treating male genital yeast infections.

You can also use it for people suffering from recurring disease. Doctors around the world suggest the regular dose of 600 mg Boric acid in a capsule.

It needs to be inserted once a day. This needs to be done for a fortnight. It is always better to take a doctor’s opinion before embarking on any kind of treatment on your own without a proper consultation.

There are other reports that suggest topical application of boric acid together with other anti-fungal creams can also successfully treat the male yeast infection home remedy.

3. Tea Tree 0il

Tea tree oil is a well known product that helps in the treatment of a variety of diseases. It helps in fighting acne, acne scars and yeast infection among other diseases. It has anti-fungal properties that help in fighting away fungi.

Many researches that were held reviewed tea tree oil against candida albicans. This is the most common fungi that cause yeast infection in humans. Tea tree oil can effectively treat these fungi.

There are a lot of vaginal suppositories that contain tea tree oil. These treat the fungal yeast infection successfully. Tea tree oil is an essential oil and thus is a concentrated version. To use it for treatment of infections you need a carrier oil too like coconut or olive etc.

But if you have tea tree oil at home then you can follow the remedy given below:


  • 3-5 drops Tea Tree oil
  • 1 ounce warm Coconut oil
  • Cotton buds


  1. Mix these in a bowl and with the help of cotton buds apply it on your affected area.
  2. You must do it before going to bed so that the medicine remains on the spot overnight.


  • But, you should also know for the fact that this oil is extremely powerful and can irritate the skin causing harm if not used properly. Always dilute and use it for treating yeast infection medicine for males.
  • Before beginning the treatment on your genitals, it is always advised to take a patch test on forearm for detecting allergies. If on application there is no reaction even after 24 hours then you can safely use it as a medication.

4. Probiotic Supplements

These days there are lots of probiotic supplements available in the health stores. They are a natural male yeast infection cure. You can easily find them online too.

There are many probiotic supplements that are specially formulated for males. These help to restore the balance of yeast and bacteria in your body.

When you take these supplements orally there is also a long term effect on the formation of yeast in your body. Probiotics are healthy and must be included in the daily diet.

But you must always consult a dietitian prior to taking these supplements. They encourage the formation of good bacteria in the gut and protect you from harmful growth of yeast.

These probiotics also help to increase the effect of the anti-fungal topical creams that are used for yeast infection commonly.

5. Yogurt

How to cure a yeast infection at home fast? If this is a question then ‘Yogurt’ is the simplest answer you will ever get.

But, the yogurt needs to be natural, unflavoured and unsweetened. This is the yogurt that contains probiotics which help in maintaining the balance of good bacteria and yeast in our body.

You will find relief from the symptoms of yeast infection when you eat yogurt daily or the best way is to apply it directly on the affected area.

If you want fast relief from yeast infection then it is advised to apply yogurt 3-4 times a day on the affected area. Wait for 30 minutes or let the yogurt dry up then wash off normally.

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is calming, cooling and has anti-fungal properties. It is known to cure most of the skin and scalp conditions effectively if applied regularly.

Raw coconut oil should only be used for male yeast infection cure.

This oil can also be used as a carrier or an agent to be mixed with other powerful medicines like oregano or tea tree oil for the yeast treatment.

Here the carrier oil must be warm so that the essential oils are properly infused.

It is easy to purchase extra virgin coconut oil online. You need to check whether the product can be used for skin and scalp before you buy one.

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7. Garlic

Garlic is known to be an antibiotic and anti fungal agent. It can be eaten raw or applied internally for best results. It may take time to heal the yeast infection if you eat it raw daily.

However, sources suggest that if garlic is applied internally then it becomes the best yeast infection treatment for men.

It is a low risk remedy that can easily be tried at home. This is because garlic is an ingredient that is always available in our homes. You will however have to leave the garlic mixture overnight for best results.


  • A few cloves garlic
  • Coconut oil


  1. Crush garlic and mix it with the coconut oil in a bowl.
  2. Take this mixture and apply it all over your infection.
  3. Keep it overnight. Wash off normally.


Before trying any treatment at home for yeast infection it is best to try a patch test to see if your skin is sensitive and will react to these substances. If the skin is sensitive then it is advised to stay away from garlic because it will cause, itching, burning and even skin damage.  

8. Oil of Oregano

Oregano oil is a popular yeast infection treatment for men. It helps to slow or even halt the growth of candida.

The oregano oil is actually made from the common herb oregano (1). But if you can make this oil using the wild oregano leaves then it becomes a potent drug against the fungi.

This is because the wild oregano contains thymol and carvacrol, two potent anti-fungal properties.

Wild oregano oil capsules are available as a suppository. These can be used at night. But you can also make the oil on your own and use it with the help of cotton balls.

Always remember that essential oils have to be mixed with carrier oil and then used on skin. They must never be used directly.


  • 3-5 drops of wild oregano oil
  • 1 ounce warm olive or sweet almond or coconut oil


  1. Mix these two together and store them in a bottle for internal application.
  2. When you want to use it take a cotton ball and soak some oil in it.
  3. Apply this cotton ball on the affected area.
  4. You can leave this cotton ball on the yeast infection for 6 hours and then change it.


Please take a patch test of the oil for allergies before you use it for yeast infection in men treatment. 

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

The raw and unpasteurized form of apple cider vinegar is helpful for the removal of toxins from the body.

It can quickly cleanse the body off the bacteria, fungus etc. thus, it is the best product for the detoxification of the body and male yeast infection cure.

The apple cider vinegar is anti fungal and also helps in healthy digestion process. This vinegar is an excellent choice for salad dressings, morning detox drinks and the yeast infection diet.

Apple cider vinegar is concentrated and must not be consumed on its own. It is advised to dilute it with warm water and drink it on an empty stomach each morning. This drink helps fight constipation, bloating and irregular bowel movements. If this concoction is taken duly for 15 days it helps in clearing penis itching home remedy.

10. Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozone therapy is popular worldwide. The layer of ozone has been the subject of study for the past 100 years. There are a lot of health benefits of ozone and if it is infused with olive oil then it takes the remedy to a different level.

The ozonated olive oil is the best yeast infection in men treatment. It can successfully treat the yeast infection, oral thrush and mouth irritation.

It can also treat skin problems. The main reason why ozonated olive oil works well against candida albicans is due to the health benefits offered by olive oil and ozone.

Olive oil has a soothing effect on skin. Ozone is extremely effective in treating fungal, oral, and genital infections. Ozone helps the tissues to heal quickly.

This is the safest penis itching home remedy. Ozonated olive oil is usually found as cream that helps to hold ozone effectively in place.

This cream has to be applied on the affected area overnight for 7 days for best results.

11. Colloidal Silver

Silver has antibiotic properties and have been used as a medication for centuries. This is one of the most potent natural home remedy that also helps in strengthening the immunity of the human body. It fights fungus and virus effectively.

The colloidal silver is a solution that contains positively charged microscopic silver particles. These particles locate the bacteria, fungus and virus inside the body and bind it perfectly to disrupt its functioning inside (2).

When thinking about how to treat male yeast infection there may be several home remedies that you could think about but silver is the best of all. If you apply colloidal silver with tea tree oil and coconut oil on the affected area. The infection will disappear in no time.

This solution has to be applied topically. You may find it not potent enough but it definitely is a immunity booster for human body and must not be overlooked at all.

In the end, yes, the yeast infection is common among men and women but the most important thing to remember is that candida can be won over with regulating your diet, including probiotics, salads, healthy oils every day.

Candida grows in your gut. It is important that you supplement good bacteria inside your body to overcome that candida challenge.

When thinking about how to treat yeast infection in men we need to prevent it both internally and externally


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