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Top Home Remedies for everyday use trust this effective and tested home remedies that people use for generations 

how to get rid of Fruit Fly Trap

Top 12 Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

In many households pests are the most annoying problem and especially fruit fly. These small fruit flies can be a menace in the house which is mostly found lingering around food, overripe fruits or...
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Neck

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck Naturally at Home

Most of us pay more attention to our face than to any other part of our body and most importantly our neck. Lack of right care on the neck area especially can result in...
how to get rid of dark under arms

Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Dark underarms can be an embarrassing issue for many men and women. Though darkening of underarms is not a disease but this concern can make people very conscious of their appearance.There are a few...
Lie Bumps on Tongue Natural Treatment

13 Effective Home Remedies for Lie Bumps on Tongue

Among the many not-that-serious health conditions that can easily be treated on your own, you also have lie bumps on tongue. The condition, which is medically called as transient lingual papillitis, leads to appearance...
How to get Rid of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Natural Remedies for Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Normally, women are aware of their menstrual cycle and have no issues planning their schedules accordingly. But, problem arises when the cycle becomes irregular to the extent of being unable to know as to...
Heal Cuts on Tongue Using Simple Home Remedies

16 Easy Ways to Heal Cuts on the Tongue Using Simple Remedies

Although not a serious condition, a cut on the tongue can turn out to be quite a painful affair. While the cuts on tongue may heal on its own in a few days’ time,...
home remedies to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat

How to Get Rid of Mucus in Throat

Mucus, also called as phlegm, actually keeps the respiratory system protected, under normal course. But when you are unwell, the phlegm thickens and becomes sticky, causing lot of discomfort. Additionally, the thickened mucus becomes...
home remedies to get rid of oily skin

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

The sebaceous glands, present below skin, go on to produce sebum that contributes to skin health. But, when the glands start to produce sebum in excess quantity, it leads to oily skin. This oiliness,...
home remedies to get rid of yellow nails naturally

How to Get Rid of Yellow Nails Naturally

Yellow nails denotes as an issue that affects several people encompassing both the genders. Generally, the problem is just a cosmetic one and it does not indicate any serious condition. Yet, owing to the...
Yogurt for Yeast Infection

Yogurt for Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a common problem among women and can occur to females of all ages. The main cause of occurrence of yeast infection is the growth of a fungus known as Candida.Usually, Candida...

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Miraculous Remedies for Treating Pleurisy At Home

Remedies for Treating Pleurisy naturally at Home
Pleurisy is no longer a rare disease, now a day’s many people are suffering from this awful disease. Patients with respiratory illnesses have a high danger of building pleurisy.Besides, the danger of creating entanglements of pleurisy will likewise grow with age and with other...