How to Lose Fat Quickly From Your Thighs

We all are afraid of fat storage inside our body. Some fats are really challenging to be washed off from the body.

Out of all of them, thigh fat is one of the most difficult types of fat storage.Needless to say, that every type of fat storage should be discouraged.

However, if you notice fat storage in your thighs take immediate steps and learn about how to lose thigh fat.

Why Does one Develop Thigh Fat?

Before you understand the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of it, you need to understand that fat development is a natural and healthy biological process.

A human body structure is developed with 18-31% of fat (men- 18-24%, women- 25-31%). In the natural process body fat is supposed to be distributed equally.

Fat storage in a particular body part happens due to your genetic structure. Usually, thanks to your genes, you tend to have some problem areas. There are two different types of fat cells that you may develop:

Subcutaneous fat: This fat is very common for the thigh areas. These are located right beneath your skin layer. It is easy to work on this fat. It doesn’t pose long-term threat to your health.

Intramuscular fat: The tough call is to burn this fat. It is deposited within your muscle, like you see marbling in your meat. It is difficult to burn this fat and unhealthy to have them as well.

Primarily, this fat deposit happens due to your hormones. For women, those who have an abnormal menstruation’s cycle, often face this problem.

The problem especially is caused due to under or over production of estrogen and progesterone.

Hormone level imbalance is a major reason why fat cells accumulate in your body. The problem gets out of hand if you develop cellulite in your body.

What is Cellulite? Why Does the Body Develop Cellulite?

Cellulite is a special type of fat that gets accumulated in the thighs, especially in women. It gets created while the fat pushes through the tiny holes in the body’s connective tissues. Your body has thick web of fiber tissues right beneath your skin.

If your body has healthy and strong connective tissues, they form a tighter web of fibers. This web prevents fat from pressing through the interwoven fibers.

When your connective tissues are weak, cellulite gets deposited within the gaps of the fibers. This is how small fat pockets get created in your body.

Weak connective tissues can be created due to various reasons.

High hormone levels: If you have high level of estrogen or progesterone secretions inside your body, then is directs extra calories to your thighs and weakens your connective tissues. This leads to fat deposit.

Blood circulation problems: If a human being suffers from poor blood circulation, then the connective tissue swells. This swelling stretches the tissues and its fibers apart making way for fat deposit.

Fluid retention: A common misconception is that fluid retention is a phenomenon in the abdomen. On the contrary it actually takes place all over the body. Thighs are also not an exception.

This better explained through an example. Have you ever found the same pair of jeans to be tight in the thighs today and loose just the next day?

This is an example of fluid retention in the thighs. Repetitive fluid retention weakens your connective tissues and makes way for fat deposit.

Lifestyle problems: Do you lead a frenzied lifestyle thanks to poor work-life balance? Do you go through a lot of emotional stress? This can also be a reason behind your connective tissues going weak.

What Diet Should One Rely on to Get Rid of Fat Thighs?

Daily exercise cannot be emphasized enough as an effective solution to how to lose weight in your thighs. However, a healthy diet is also equally important.

Maintaining a healthy diet everyday is the key to a fit body and weight loss. Your legs will be toned and strong if you follow a particular set of diet plans.

 Low Calorie Foods are Must

You lose weight as you burn your calories. If you have fat deposit already, then do the math- you need to burn more calories than you consume. So, maintaining a low calorie diet is extremely important.

You should discourage any calorie intake over 1200-1500 calories. For this, keep your daily fat consumption between 35-50 grams. This way you’ll take only 20-30% of your calorie requirement from fat foods.

The complex carbohydrates in your food should be between 180-270 grams. When nutritionists advise you on how to lose fat fast, they emphasize on carbs consisting of 45-65% of your daily diet. The diet list should consist of foods like vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

Similarly important is consuming low fat proteins. Meat, poultry and fish are low fat protein foods. Protein should consist 50-95% of your daily diet which is 15-25% of your entire calorie intake for the day.

1. Replace Your Sugar:

Even if you are the biggest sweet tooth of the world, you must eliminate sugar from your entire diet chart. Sugar contents in sodas, energy drinks, juices make it difficult for you to lose some extra pounds.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are looking at how to lose leg fat or from any other area of your body. Shedding fat requires you to make sugar your biggest enemy.

Rather, you must drink a lot of water. Water rinses off the toxin from human body and transport the nutrients to body cells. This creates the most ideal environment in your body for the connective tissues.

2. Drink Green Tea

In order to burn fat, drinking green tea is extremely important. Green tea is the most popular low calorie source of antioxidants.

If you thought vegetables are rich in polyphenols, green tea has ten times more.

Green tea, unsweetened, is a great drink to protect your body cells from free radicals and fat deposit.

3. Say Yes to Juice But No To Sweet

Fresh fruit juice is another effective choice for your body to acquire essential nutrients. Juice also hydrates the body without adding extra pounds to your figure.

Just make sure, you are not adding sugar or any kind of artificial sweetener to it. Avoid everything that tastes sweet- cakes, pastries, candies and chocolates. All such desserts are going to add extra pounds to your body.

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4. Count Your Carbohydrate Intake

You cannot cut out carbs completely from your diet. It is one of the three most essential macro-nutrients that your body requires. However, make sure that your intakes are limited.

Eat brown rice, multigrain beads, biscuits, cereals and flour. Avoid adding butter or sugar to any of these.

To keep track of your daily carb intakes, download any good app that counts your calorie consumption. This way you will be able to maintain a healthy diet practice.

5. Drink Black Coffee

There is a common misconception that coffee makes you fat. So, if you are worrying about how to lose weight in thighs, you will naturally want to avoid coffee. The reality is just the opposite.

Clinical research has confined that caffeine increases your metabolic rate significantly (1). Hence, it helps you to shed more weight.

6. Consume a Lot of Calcium

Calcium is always associated with bone health. At the same time it helps the body build strong muscles too.

Calcium encourages muscle contraction, promotes muscle growth and help burn extra fat.

So, if you are looking for solutions for how to lose fat in thighs, you should start consuming calcium-rich foods.

7. Consume a Lot of Citrus

Go for citrus- yes, adding citrus to your post-workout routine helps you to stay on the leaner side.

You will achieve toned leg if you keep on snacking on oranges or citrus rich fruits after your workout.

Citrus fruits are filled with Vitamin C which fights inflammation and helps you burn more calories and shed extra pounds easily (2).

How to Lose Thigh Fat Fast With Exercises?

Exercises are extremely important part of your fight-against-body-fat routine. This will help you bring a balance to your hormone levels. You can prevent cellulite deposit and lessen mood swings at the same time.

Also, exercising increases blood circulation to the thighs. This keeps your connective tissues healthy and removes excess fluid from the body.

In order to focus on your thigh fats only, you have to perform exercises that will work on your legs. You must put extra effort.

You need to do 3 sets of each of the exercises mentioned below if you need results.

Alphabet Tracers

  • Lie on your back. Keep your arms by your sides.
  • Point your left foot and reach out towards the ceiling with your toes.
  • Trace the alphabet onto the ceiling with the toes. Your entire leg will move, but hips will be still.
  • Trace the alphabets till the letter Z.
  • Switch legs and complete the full set.

Pile Squat

  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder-width.
  • Point out your toes.
  • Hold your abs in tight. Now inhale as you lower your hips straight down.
  • Keep your upper body upright straight.
  • Lower your hips until it it is parallel with the knees.
  • Now exhale and push up to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same. You can hold some weight too.

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Curtsy Lunge

  • Stand and keep your feet apart, as much as your shoulder-width.
  • Inhale and bring your left leg back. Keep it across behind the right leg.
  • Lunge down and make sure not to extend your knee past your toes. Move in curtsey motion.
  • Now, exhale while returning to your original position.
  • Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Table Top Crossovers

  • Keep your hands and arms as well as your knees and legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Extend your leg to your sides with your toes out and pointed.
  • Keep the core tight and pull your leg back in one fluid motion.
  • Bring the leg up across your body and end with a small kick.
  • Immediately return to the original position.
  • Repeat on the other leg.

Pulsing Leg Lifts

  • Lie on your back.
  • Pulse the legs one by one up and down with flexed, pointed toes.
  • Begin with the count of 10 and go up to 30+ with time.
  • You can do this exercise even from your side, standing position or take top position.

Scissor Kick

  • Lie on the floor face up and keep your arms by your side with palms down. Extend your legs.
  • With pointed toes, lift your legs of the ground till about 6 inches.
  • Open and close your legs quickly and cross the right thigh over the left and vice versa.
  • Bring your legs down.
  • Repeat as many as possible.

These exercises are of genuine help if you want to shed some fat off your thighs.

Is there anything to do to lose thigh weight apart from exercise and diet?

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Yes, you could. If you want to know how to lose thigh weight fast, I can suggest you things that you can do apart from regular intake of healthy diet and exercise.

Get Enough Rest: No, losing thigh fat or any fat isn’t really about only working out. You need to get enough rest too. Overworking body or mind makes you gain more weight.

Less than 7 hours of sleep can make one gain weight.

Play a Sport: It helps to burn fat if you play a sport. At least thrice a week, go for swimming or soccer- anything that you enjoy playing. The adrenaline helps with the good hormones and helps you lose weight. Also, this will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Say no to alcohol: Alcohol gets broken down into sugar which gets stored as body fat. So, while wondering how to lose fat quickly from your thighs, it is best to bid adieu to your wine glass. If you cannot do it right away, drink very moderately.

Gathering information about how to lose leg fat fast and actually losing it are two different things.

So, you better stay focused and do your best. You should get a whole body check up done in a hospital and understand the reason of your weight gain.

This way you’ll be able to decide what you want to do to shed some pounds.


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