Best Proven Homemade Pregnancy Test

Best Proven Homemade Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomenon. Women have been giving birth since time immemorial and it is certain that from the same time they have also been searching for different ways to confirm it at the early stages with the help of natural homemade pregnancy test.

During the ancient times pregnancy test kits were not available and nor was it possible to visit a doctor for the same. They relied on the home remedies or traditional ways which can be used even today.

Reasons To Select Homemade Pregnancy Tests

These days it is important to consult a gynaecologist and confirm the pregnancy to ensure good health of the mother and child.

But, there are plenty of reasons why a woman might just want to confirm the pregnancy without the help of a doctor. They are:

  • The pregnancy might be an inconvenience or embarrassment to others. There may be other problems leading to the secrecy that she needs around her. DIY pregnancy tests are taken when you want to know the result all alone.
  • Homemade pregnancy tests that work depend on the same indicators used by doctors but without their direct participation. The home tests are usually taken if you advocate natural childbirth with the minimum involvement of the doctors.
  • The fear and trouble to wait for a medical test result may be too much to tolerate. The home remedy kits can provide swift and accurate results instantly.

Signs That You Are Pregnant

If you conceive then your body will go through a number of visible changes. Below given are some symptoms and if you experience any of these mentioned then it is wise to go for a pregnancy test.

  • Miss your period: this is the first sign that you must never ignore. Most women complain of a late period sometimes, but if you do not get your period within two weeks then there is a strong chance that you are pregnant.
  • Fatigue: the hormonal changes that occur in your body during your pregnancy makes you a lot more sleepy and tired.
  • Craving for Food: pregnant women have intense urges to eat certain foods. If this is happening with you along with other symptoms then it is time to take home made pregnancy test.
  • Nausea: morning sickness is the word that used for nausea during pregnancy. This can occur with or without vomiting. Morning sickness is basically caused due to sudden hormonal changes in your body.
  • Tenderness in Breasts: hormonal imbalance during pregnancy can cause tenderness or swelling in breasts. Your breasts might feel sore, fuller or tender.

If you feel that you are pregnant then it is time to understand how to make a home pregnancy test.

How Home Remedy Pregnancy Test Works

DIY tests do not sound reliable and moreover in the modern age you would rather go out and buy a test kit from pharmacy.

But the reality is that the home remedies for pregnancy tests works in a similar fashion as to their chemical counterparts.

The chemical pregnancy tests available at the pharmacy usually look for a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine.

Well, the home made tests also do the same thing. hCG is a hormone that your body begins to produce when placenta is formed. Placenta is a sac that protects the fertilized egg when it attaches itself on the wall of the uterus.

It can thus be traced in your urine and is a confirmation of pregnancy. When you make your own pregnancy tests at home they also search for hCG by checking the chemical reactions of your urine with different household substances.

1. How To Make a Pregnancy Test With Dandelion Leaves

This is an easy test that you can perform in the comfort of your home. This test is famous for giving quick results.

If you are thinking about a home test for pregnancy then you must try this method. You will have to drink lots of water before you perform this test.

Dandelions are known to be the best indicators of pregnancy. This is so because the dandelion leaves have a particular chemical which when comes in contact with hCG, the hormone developed by placenta growing in a woman, develops red blisters.

It is usually advised to take this test as soon as you miss your periods. Because the hCG levels start subsiding after the first trimester.


  • 2 cups- Dandelion leaves


  1. Put the 2 cups of dandelion leaves in a container and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  2. Submerge the leaves completely with your morning urine sample.
  3. Wait for 10 minutes.

Negative result:

If the leaves do not have any red blisters then you are not pregnant.

Positive Results:

If you are pregnant then red blisters will appear on the dandelion leaves after you wait for 10 minutes.

2. How To Make A Home Pregnancy Test With Bleach

If you want to try doing a pregnancy test at home then this is a trustworthy method. The bleach test will provide you with accurate results at the comfort of your home in no time! There, now you can find out for yourself and share the news with your loved ones.

Bleach is a common chemical available in our households for daily washing of clothes. This substance is used to clean the clothes with the help of oxidation.

When you mix urine with bleach it produces toxic and harmful fumes, it is thus advised to carry out the test in an open place.

When you make your own pregnancy test with bleach only a small quantity is required and it is reasonable on your pocket.


  • 1 cup Bleach


  1. Pour 1 cup of bleach in a plastic bowl and then add your morning urine sample to it.
  2. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Mix the urine sample with the bleach completely and then wait for 10 minutes.

Negative Result:

There will be no reaction in the solution. If you do not find any foaming or reaction to the solution then the result is negative.

Positive Result:

If you notice a foaming or any other reaction then the result is positive and you have all the reasons to celebrate.

3. Homemade Pregnancy Test With Sugar

This is the most popular test that you will ever read about. No kitchen in this world is devoid of sugar.

It is a basic ingredient necessary for our everyday cooking. Therefore, this is an evergreen method which has been tested through the ages.

The main theory behind the sugar clumps or dissolving is due to the chemical structure of a woman’s urine.

A pregnant women’s urine will include high levels of hCG. This is a hormone which reacts with different substances to reveal if you are pregnant.

When you perform a DIY pregnancy test with sugar the clumps mainly form due to the reaction between sugar and hCG.

If the urine does not have any hCG then it will simply dissolve when it comes in contact with the liquid.


  • 3 tsp Sugar
  • 1 Bowl


  1. Add the sugar to the bowl and the slowly add your morning urine sample to it.
  2. Next you will have to wait for 5 minutes approximately to check the results.

Negative Result:

The sugar will get dissolved completely in the urine. It means that you are not pregnant.

Positive result:

There will be clumps of sugar in the urine if you are pregnant. The sugar will not get dissolved at all. It means that there is presence of hCG.

Word Of Advice:

  • Take this pregnancy test as soon as you wake if you wish to get accurate results.
  • Never use powdered sugar for the pregnancy test as it will not form lumps and will get dissolved easily.

4. Homemade Pregnancy Test That Work With Toothpaste

You were not expecting to see toothpaste in this column surely. Well yes you make your own pregnancy test at home with the help of toothpaste.

Well, you will have to ensure that you use simple white toothpaste for the pregnancy test.

This home remedy pregnancy test has never been scientifically studied. Thus it is imperative to use 2 clean containers and first urine sample of the morning.

The chemicals in the toothpaste react with hCG to give you a proper result.


  • 2 tbsp toothpaste
  • 2 Clean containers


  1. Put two tablespoon of toothpaste in a container.
  2. Then add your 2 tablespoon morning urine sample to it and wait for 10 minutes approximately.

Negative result:

There will be no reaction to the mixture.

Positive result:

If you are pregnant then the color of the toothpaste will turn blue and it will be frothy.

Word of Advice:

The chemical reaction might not turn the toothpaste blue but you will see foam. This also means that you are pregnant.

The color change in the toothpaste happens due to the brand that you purchase. If the toothpaste dissolves without giving any reaction then there are chances that you are not pregnant. If you are unsure of the result then you can re-try.

5. Homemade Pregnancy Test With Vinegar

Vinegar is a basic household item and is used extensively in all the kitchens. Here you will learn to prepare a home pregnancy test with the help of vinegar.

You must understand that there will be no unfavorable reactions to the mixture that you create.

Always ensure that the product you are using has not crossed the date of expiry. White vinegar is usually recommended for this experiment as it is cheap and crystal clear.

If there is any change in the color after reaction it will be easily noticeable.


  • ½ cup Vinegar
  • Bowl


  1. Add the ½ cup vinegar to a bowl.
  2. Next you have to pour in the morning sample of your urine in the same bowl.
  3. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes to see if there is any colour change.

Negative result:

There will be no reaction to your mixture.

Positive result:

If the mixture changes its colour then you are pregnant and there is every room for happiness.

6. How To Make A Homemade Pregnancy Test With Mustard Powder

Mustard powder is a well known spice all around the world. Mustard powder pregnancy testing is easy and simple to perform.

This is a slow procedure and you will have to wait for a longer time to see the result. Mustard powder is cheaply available at a grocery store near you.

This has been in use as a homemade pregnancy test for testing delayed or skipped periods since time immemorial.


  • 1 bowl Mustard powder
  • Bath tub


  1. Fill you bathtub with hot water and mix the bowl of mustard powder thoroughly in it.
  2. You have to mix the powder in the bathtub using your hands.
  3. Have a bath in this water for 45 minutes.
  4. Wait 2 days for the start of the period, after the bath.
  5. You have to wait for 2 days for your periods to begin after you take this bath.

Negative result:

You get your periods within 2 days

Positive result:

If you do not get your periods in these two days then you can simply say that you are pregnant.

7. Learn How to make a Homemade Pregnancy Test with Hydrogen Peroxide And Tylenol

Hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol are two tablets that you will always find in the cabinet of your bathroom.

These tablets have the ability to change the urine’s color if you are expecting a child.

It is important to remember that you have to mix the hydrogen peroxide in the crushed Tylenol tablets and not the other way if you want perfect results for your home remedy pregnancy test.


  • 2 tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 2 White tablets of Tylenol, crushed
  • 3 tbsp Urine (morning sample)
  • Bowl


  1. Mix hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol tablets in a bowl.
  2. Now add the urine sample to this mixture.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes approximately.

Negative result:

The color of your urine will not change.

Positive sign:

Your urine will turn blue if you are pregnant.

Word Of Advice:

Never use the red Tylenol tablets for this home made pregnancy test as your results will be different and inaccurate.

8. Make Your Own Pregnancy Test With Soap

If you do not wish to visit a pharmacy or a doctor for medical tests related to pregnancy then you can try this at home.

Soap is easily available in our home and it is recommended that one uses a daily bath soap bar.

This natural pregnancy test can be done with the help of soap water solution. This is a fast and easy way to know your pregnancy status.


  • 1 bar of Soap
  • Bowl


  1. For this test, you will have to use the soap that you use daily for your bath.
  2. Cut a piece from that soap and immerse it in your urine.
  3. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes to see the reaction to the test.

Negative result:

If you do not see any froth or bubbles in the solution then it is likely that you are not pregnant.

Positive Result:

If there is a formation of bubbles or froth in the soap and urine solution then you have all the reasons to be happy!

9. Natural Pregnancy Test With Wine

The wine test is a dependable method to test pregnancy at home. This test has been in use since the ancient times when there were no chemical pregnancy test kits available in the market.

This test is also popularly known as the medieval test as it has been in use since the medieval times. It is important to use white wine for your test for accurate results.


  • ½ cup of Wine
  • ½ cup of Urine
  • Bowl


  1. Mix the wine and urine thoroughly together in a bowl.
  2. Let it stand untouched for 10 minutes before you take a reading.

Negative Result:

The color will not change

Positive result:

The colour of the mixture changes and you know that you are pregnant.

10. Homemade Pregnancy Test That Work With Pine Sol

Pine Sol is a cleaning product that all of us keep at our homes. This product will react to your urine to revel hCG.

Pine sol can also be collected straight from the pine trees, so if you have a pine tree near you then you can do that for a perfect result.

The different parts of the pine tree have different elements that change color if a liquid is poured on to them. The acidic content in any liquid can be easily reflected on pine sol.


  • ½ cup Pine Sol
  • ½ cup urine
  • 2 Bowls


  1. Divide the pine sol solution into two bowls.
  2. Now add the morning urine sample to one of the pine sol solution and wait for 5-10 minutes

Negative Result:

When you compare both the solution you will not find any color change.

Positive sign:

If you are pregnant then your urine solution will change its colour.

11. How to Make a Home Pregnancy Test using Wheat and Barley

Our ancestors had a whole list of home remedies to test pregnancy in those days. One of these home remedies for pregnancy test happens to be the one using wheat and barley.

Also called as the Egyptian pregnancy test, this pregnancy detection test was carried out by ancient Egyptians to find out if women were pregnant or not.

It is simple, easy to do and does not take up much of your time although you may have to wait for some time to check the results.


  • 1 cup – Wheat and Barley Seeds


  1. Collect the first sample of your urine in the morning.
  2. Pour this urine sample on the wheat and barley seeds.
  3. You will now have to wait for a few days to notice results.

Negative Result:

If you do not notice any change in the seeds after 2 – 3 days, you may not be pregnant.

Positive Result:

If you are pregnant, the wheat and barley seeds will start to germinate within a few days. This is a clear indication that you are pregnant.

Word of Advice: As part of the homemade pregnancy test, ancient Egyptians also believed that if the wheat seeds started growing first, then the woman in question would be carrying a baby boy and the opposite gender if the barley seeds started germinating first.

12. How to Make a Home Remedy for Pregnancy Test using Tuna Juice and Vinegar

This is another home remedy test for pregnancy that could give you desirable results if done properly.

It involves the use of two ingredients that need to be mixed in the right proportions in order to get the correct result. Here is how you make a home pregnancy test with it.


  • ¼ cup – Tuna Juice
  • ¼ cup – Vinegar Juice


  1. Mix the tuna juice and the vinegar juice together in a cup and set it aside.
  2. Collect your urine sample in a small cup in the morning.
  3. Add the urine to the cup containing the tuna juice – vinegar mix in small amounts.
  4. Set the cup aside and wait for a few minutes.

Negative Result:

If there is a no change in color or if the color of the contents in the cup turn yellowish red, you are not pregnant.

Positive Result:

If you notice the mix turning a bright green in color, there is reason to celebrate as you are definitely pregnant.

13.  Home Remedy for Pregnancy Test using Urine Collection method

Sometimes the easiest way to find out something happens to be the simplest way to find it out as well!

In the case of a natural pregnancy test which you can do at home, one of the easiest and simplest methods to find out if you are pregnant or not is to simply collect your urine in a cup. This is how you do it.


  • A small container – To collect urine samples


  1. Collect the first urine sample in the morning in a small container.
  2. Place this container on a shelf in the bathroom or any level surface so that it cannot be disturbed in any way.
  3. Take note of the container after a day or two.

Negative Results:

If you do not notice any change in the container, you are not pregnant.

Positive Results:

Upon careful examination, if you are able to see a thin white layer floating at the top of the container, you are pregnant. This is a very simple way diy pregnancy test you can carry out at home for accurate results.

Note: Make sure you do not disturb the container in any way as this may cause the thin white film to disappear, leading to inaccurate results.

14. Best Home Remedy for Pregnancy Test using Baking Soda

You can make a very simple pregnancy test at home using a basic kitchen ingredient; baking soda. It can be done very easily and almost always gives instant results.


  • 1 tsp. – Baking Soda


  1. Add the baking soda to a container.
  2. Collect your urine sample in the morning and add a few drops of the urine to the baking soda with the help of a filler.

Negative Results:

If you do not notice any change in the container after adding the baking soda, you may not be pregnant.

Positive Results:

If the baking soda starts to fizz and foam immediately after adding the urine, you may be pregnant.

15. How to Make a Home Remedy for Pregnancy Test using Red Cabbage

Wondering how to perform an ‘at home pregnancy test’ that also lets you know the gender of the baby?

Try the Red Cabbage test! If done properly, this homemade pregnancy test can help you determine whether you are pregnant with a baby boy or girl.


  • ½ – Red Cabbage
  • 1 cup – Water


  1. Chop the red cabbage into small pieces and add it to a pan.
  2. Add the water to the pan and place it on medium flame on a stove.
  3. Wait for the water to boil and switch off the heat. Allow the water to cool down by which time it will turn a deep reddish purple in colour.
  4. Collect your urine sample in a separate container. Add the urine to the pan containing the now cold red cabbage solution.

Negative Results:

If a thin white layer develops on top of the cabbage solution, chances are you may not be pregnant.

Positive Results:

If there is no change in the consistency of the solution, you may be pregnant. If the colour remains unchanged, you are pregnant with a baby girl.

However, if the color changes to a bright reddish-pink, you are expecting a baby boy.

16. Home Remedy for Pregnancy Test using Drain -O

You may have heard of Drain -O, the liquid that is similar to washing detergent, but is used to clean drains.

Well, it can now be used to create homemade pregnancy tests to help you test if you are pregnant as well


  • ¼ cup – Drain -O liquid


  1. Pour the Drain – O into a cup and keep it aside.
  2. Collect your urine sample in a separate cup. Add the urine to the container containing the Drain – O in small amounts.

Negative Results:

No change in the colour of the solution may indicate that you are not pregnant.

Positive Results:

With this test, you are looking for a bluish green color change to the Drain-O solution. If this happens, chances are high that you are pregnant.

Word of Advice: When searching for how to test pregnancy at home with Drain-O, make sure you follow the precautions as well. In this case, ensure to wear gloves for this test as the chemicals in the Drain – O solution can harm your skin. Make sure to dispose of the solution after the test by pouring it down a drain or toilet.

Special Tips For Making A Successful Homemade Pregnancy Test

  • If you wish to make your own pregnancy test kit at home using the above stated methods then you would have to note the crucial points stated below: they are,
  • You have to realize that the home tests for confirming pregnancy is just the first step. You cannot treat this as an alternative for the regular medical attention needed during pregnancy.
  • The home remedies will never show accurate results in the early days of pregnancy. The home tests actually work from the day you miss your period.
  • For all the tests that you perform at home it is important that you use the morning sample of urine only. You can store the sample urine in a sterilized plastic container for a later use.
  • Before, you begin to prepare for the home tests you have to look for the symptoms of pregnancy within you. The symptoms discussed earlier include morning sickness, delayed or no periods etc.
  • To be absolutely sure about the home results you must perform and compare at least 2 to 3 methods.
  • Always ensure that you use the exact quantity of the specified ingredients for the home pregnancy test. Or, you will never get the desired result.
  • When performing pregnancy tests with bleach and other such ingredients always use caution for your own well being.
  • When you are performing home remedies for pregnancy test never try to smell the mixture that has been created. These mixtures are hazardous for health and negligence could lead to breathing problems.
  • When performing these pregnancy tests at home make sure that you cover your nose and mouth perfectly.
  • For all the experiments that you perform at home always make use of plastic bowls and jars. Dispose these objects after your test immediately.

Increase The Precision Of Natural Pregnancy Test

If you want to ensure accuracy in your results then you should always follow the measures given below:

  • The urine sample that you use for the test must be your first urine that you have collected in the morning. The first urine is concentrated and it becomes easier to detect hCG. You must store the urine sample in a sterilized plastic container.
  • Use the same quantity of the urine for 1 or more home tests that you perform. Using very little of the sample will create inaccurate results.
  • Wait for the reaction for 5 to 10 minutes before you decide on the conclusion. The chemical reaction that you want to see might take longer to appear than you imagine.
  • If you are confused then you can repeat the pregnancy test before you come to any conclusion.
  • Never rely on only one home test you can try several tests and compare the results to be absolutely sure.


In the end, modern women must be thankful to their ancestors that they do not really have to depend upon the trial and error techniques used by the ancient women.

Now, our ancestors did not have an access to the bleach, toothpaste, Tylenol, and sugar remedies but there were alternatives that have completely disappeared today.

Dandelion and vinegar are two home remedy pregnancy tests that have stood through the test of time. They were relevant in the ancient times and are even today.

Today you can select the home remedy of your choice and make a connection with the ancient times.

You can have fun when you try out different recipes for the pregnancy test which were used by our great grandmothers.

Natural pregnancy test that you try out at home does indicate results with sufficient accuracy.

But however, these tests that you try at home do not make an appropriate replacement for the medical tests that are available today.

You do have to understand the fact that antenatal care is a necessity which cannot be dealt with all alone. It is imperative to bring a healthy infant in this world while taking care of the mother’s health too.

The bleach, sugar, vinegar, dandelion and toothpaste pregnancy tests are all ok.

You must never neglect your doctor’s appointment and further necessary medical tests.